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Pirin NPD
   Management Plan



   OPPORTUNITIES FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND THE PURSUIT OF "green schools” in the territory of Pirin National Park

   Visitor Information and Education Center at Pirin National Park in Bansko is a place for extra-curricular forms of learning with students from different age groups.
The new exhibition, "The Pirin Forest”, allows visitors alone, or with a guide from the park, to find the owners of the mountain - the trees, plants and wildlife.
   The Avian phone users can "dial" 53 birds to hear their songs and learn interesting facts about their lives.  Thanks to lighted relief model of the park, with designated shelters, the highest peaks, lake groups, can make a "quick" walk through the mountains.  Through more than 200 science films in the projection room of the center (30 seats) guests can see and learn more about biodiversity and protection in the territory of Pirin National Park.     The Herb Garden is an interactive form of direct acquaintance with some of the medicinal plants and conservation within the national park.  Bulgarian and foreign visitors receive information about protected areas, history, flora and fauna, rules of conduct, tourist routes.  
   It is accessible to handicapped guests and also in 2003 an educational trail in the area Dragostinov Chark, 4 km above the town of Bansko, along the road to Vihren is an area for people with special needs to have the opportunity to spend time in nature and be loaded with a lot of positive energy, and to learn more about the Pirin Mountains and Pirin National Park!


Directorate of National Park Pirin
Bansko, Bulgaria Str 4
Tel: 0749/88204, 0898 779942, fax: 0749/88202

Telephones to contact the park office:
Vihren region - Bansko, tel: 0898 779 981
Dupki region – Razlog, tel: 0898 866 404
Kamenica region - Sandanski, tel: 0898 866 420
Tri Reki region- Sandanski, tel: 0898 866 420
Sinanitsa region - Kresna, tel: 0898 866 430