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   Bayuvi  Dupki-Djindjiritsa

Bayuvi  Dupki-Djindjiritsa   

Reserve Dupki - Dzhindzhiritsa created in 1934 by the decree ¹ 1388 of MZDI, extended by Order ¹ 300 of MGOPS 1976 and ¹ 976 of the PSC since 1980
Area 2873 ha.
In 1977 the reserve was included in the list of biosphere reserves to the UNESCO-Man and the Biosphere.
Situated between the peaks of the Pirin and Bansko suhodol, including cirques Dupki Razlog Suhodol Kamenititsa, Mount Okada, segmentation Tepe Dautov peak Konyarnika m and the valley of White River.
Contains a wide variety, including some 500 species of vascular plants, 55 endemic species, many species listed in Red Data Book of Bulgaria and the European and global lists.
Arrangements and capabilities:
The reserve is prohibited from any activities with the exception of security, visited for scientific purposes and move along the international route E4 with the driver without diverting
Compliance with notice boards and safety behavior requiring silence and prohibition of harm to plants, animals and birds.